Sustainable Infrastructure Awareness project

Infrastructure is a key component of healthy societies both in developed and developing countries. It is an integral component of our civilization. It allows us to improve our lives, and touches almost every aspect of the way we live it. Investing in smarter, more sustainable, more efficient, or more valuable infrastructure serves the needs of people and businesses. However, development of infrastructure requires a tremendous amount of resources and can have a variety of negative societal effects as well. If infrastructure is developed in a sustainable and resilient way, these effects will be minimized, and the involved communities will experience long-term positive impact. Building awareness of the importance of infrastructure and the way these can be developed in a sustainable way is important to help societies forward.


Phase 1 – Building content (2016)

Building a yearly multimedia strategy
Finding and building seven stories on the basis of real life great examples
Data collection
Creating short documentaries, video content
Media training
Building a ‘TEDx’ like story which can be told for live audiences
Phase 2 – Exposure (2016 and forward)

News – Continuous reacting to world news for the infrastructure perspective
Social Media – Sharing and building exposure on the basis of GITT content
Live – Lectures, talks and interviews at universities and conferences

Project under theme: Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructure


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