Why a think tank on infrastructure? Infrastructure is a key component of healthy societies both in developed and developing countries. It is an integral component of our civilization. It allows us to improve our lives, and touches almost every aspect of the way we live it. Investing in smarter, more sustainable, more efficient, or more valuable infrastructure serves the needs of people and businesses.

Depending on the place you are at, you might be wondering why a think tank would be needed, or you’ll be nodding in full agreement. Some places in the world are lacking even the most basic forms of infrastructure, while at others there seems to be plenty of it although not always in good condition.

The Global Infrastructure Think Tank specializes in helping to find infrastructure strategies and solutions that are economically, socially and environmentally sustainable. [Read more]

Societies benefit greatly from better infrastructure, but who is going to pitch the first ball? Unfortunately, many agents responsible for developing and operating infrastructure are short on funds, short on personnel or short on expertise to tackle tough infra challenges and to best fulfill the infra needs. The Global Infrastructure Think Tank is meant to fill this void.

With a variety of stakeholders worldwide supporting us, and a network of highly skilled scholars and practitioners, the infrastructure think tank forms an access point to both theoretical and practical knowledge needed to come up with strategic infra solutions that make sense in the short, middle and long term.

The combination of our network of experts, access to stakeholders of developers of infrastructure and clients, puts the think tank in exactly the right position to pitch that first ball and get the game of infrastructure development going. The neutrality of the think tank, the commitment and expertise of its networked fellows to quality and sustainability, and the strong ties to top research institutions in the world makes it a solid partner in helping societies to build a better future.


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