Our Mission




The Global Infrastructure Institute’s objective is to facilitate investments in infrastructure development that serves and involves communities around the world. The institute seeks to foster the creation of sustainable and resilient infrastructure, infra that supports human wellbeing, brings economic development to communities around the world, and provide affordable and equitable access to infra for all. GII does so through providing evidence based guidance, building awareness, and action on the ground.

Mobilizing communities

Infrastructure is a key component of healthy societies and involving communities in developing infra is important. Communities support is needed to make infra resilient, and meet the goals of social, environmental and economic sustainability. Early involvement of communities is essential for successful realization of infra.

Globally, each year us$ 7 trillion is invested in infrastructure and growing. It is a pre-condition for development. That’s why it is important making it optimally benefit both the direct stakeholders and local communities.

With a variety of stakeholders worldwide supporting us, and a network of highly skilled scholars and practitioners, the Global Infrastructure Institute forms an access point to both theoretical and practical knowledge needed to come up with strategic infra solutions that make sense in the short, middle and long term. The neutrality of the institute, the commitment and expertise of its networked fellows to quality and sustainability, and the strong ties to top research institutions in the world makes it a solid partner in helping societies to build a better future.


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