Our services and activities

The Global Infrastructure Think Tank draws from a broad range of academic disciplines and translates theoretical thinking power in practical strategies that fit local circumstances and allows for sustainable solutions.

Activities of the Global Infrastructure Think Tank:

  • Process, governance, and contract design– Developing sustainable infrastructure is a layered and multi-step process a regulatory and contractual environment is required to provide the necessary legal framework and to provide a foundation for trust, and legal certainty for investors as well as local community.
  • Stakeholder assessment and involvement– building partnerships with local community, investors, builders, and users. Organizing communication and help in identifying preferences and needs. Taking the communities’ needs and ideas into account and informing them upfront has been found an essential element in developing sustainable infrastructure.
  • Strategic advising and consulting– GITT advises local governments in developing strategies, following through, and organizing decision-making.
  • Training and coaching– GITT provides coaching before, during development, helps find the best possible solutions and empowers local to build lasting partnerships.
  • Infrastructure strategy knowledge base– GITT makes infrastructure knowledge available that is relevant in dealing with global and local infrastructure challenges.
  • Research, analysis, and white papers – We write white papers and address infra themes and current and future infrastructure strategy challenges.

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