Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructure




We want infra to benefit a region and be around for a long time that is why it needs to be sustainable and resilient. Sustainable infrastructure in our view needs to live up to three sustainable goals; society, environment and economics. The United Nations, G20, World Bank and many other international organizations express their concern about the scarcity of expertise and capacity that is required for planning and developing sustainable infrastructure. At the same time it is clear that realizing infrastructure that is sustainable and resilient is more important than ever as it allows for:

-Optimally serving societal needs in the short- and long term
-Minimizing negative effects of projects on communities and environment
-Increasing support for and minimizing risk to developers
-Unlocking increased sustainable infrastructure investment opportunities


Projects under this theme:

SDGs global implementation initiative

Reducing disaster impacts though systematic investments

Resilience of Waterway Systems

Sustainable Infrastructure Awareness Project



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