Photo: NOAA Photo Library


Infrastructure is a key component of healthy societies. It allows us to improve our lives, and touches almost every aspect of the way we live it. Therefore its essential that the infra is geared towards the societal needs. These societal needs have been discussed extensively by the member states of the United Nations. In 2015 this resulted in the adoption of the sustainable development goals by the United Nations.  The Global Infrastructure Institute has been raised in support of these goals and stimulates and fosters infrastructure development on this basis. For infrastructure the sustainable development goals provide four major themes:

Human wellbeing – infrastructure eventually is meant to increase the lives of people and if done well it can make a real difference providing access to growth including for some of societies poorest.

Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructure – We want infra to benefit a region and be around for a long time that is why it needs to be sustainable and resilient.

Economic development – Infrastructure is a cornerstone for economic growth and its success can be measured against how well a region is doing as a result of it.

Equitable and affordable access for all –  Poor communities just like wealthier communities should be able to profit from infrastructure development, helping them to advance in society.



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