Visit Rockefeller Foundation – Presentation

The 19th of February a delegation of the 100 Resilient Cities program made a visit to the Netherlands. The 100 resilient Cities program is funded and coordinated by the Rockefeller Foundation. A seminar was held to exchange and debate the latest ideas around the concept of combining functions in infrastructure to increase resilience. In such way the communities relying on these systems are less vulnerable for disruptive events, and service levels in general can be increased. Arjan Hijdra, one of the speakers at the seminar, explained the fundamental working of cooperative arrangements when combining functions. Also the linkage between combining functions and stimulating resilience was set out in more detail. The seminar was held at the Erasmus University and hosted by Jurgen van der Heijden of AT Osborne and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency. More information about the 100 Resilient Cities program by the Rockefeller Foundation can be found at:


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